Out of Office

side hustles and creative work, beyond the office

Author: caitlin.delphine@gmail.com

Linnea Aarflot – Horse Trainer, The Equestrian

After pushing herself toward a career as an Art Director, an introverted horse lover changed careers and made a name for herself as a ‘horse whisperer.’

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Marie Chanteur – Ceramics & Print Designer, Ilikemakingstufff

A Graphic Designer who left H&M headquarters faces the reality of matching high demand for her quirky ceramics with only her own two hands.

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Karl-Joel Larsson – Illustrator

An artist with an international following for his illustration work discusses constant learning and the benefits of sticking to what you love.

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Elizabeth Myer – Content Strategist & Consultancy Owner, Fourslices

The Content & Social Media leader for fashion brands learned to be nice to herself and solve a niche problem to build her own consultancy.

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Jonas Klock – Interior Architect, Accidental Concrete

Taking a break from fast-paced architecture work designing high rises made space for developing his craft – creating with concrete and other materials, full-time.

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