Out of Office

Inspiring interviews with small business owners. We dig into the side hustle experiments and lessons that help independent creatives succeed in designing fulfilling work, beyond the office

Category: Design & Craft

All interviews with creatives selling their skills in hands-on making and design, as side hustles and full-time craft .

Karl-Joel Larsson – Illustrator

An artist with an international following for his illustration work discusses constant learning and the benefits of sticking to what you love.

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Marie Chanteur – Ceramics & Print Designer, Ilikemakingstufff

A Graphic Designer who left H&M headquarters faces the reality of meeting high demand for her quirky ceramics with only her own two hands.

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Jonas Klock – Interior Architect, Accidental Concrete

Taking a break from fast-paced architecture work designing high rises made space for developing his craft – creating with concrete and other materials, full-time.

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