An interview with the interviewer –

What’s the story behind Out of Office?

I’ve long felt that something wasn’t right with my Monday-Friday life. It took me ages to pinpoint it, but I finally acknowledged that I’m at my best when working from anywhere other than an office – whether it’s still on a laptop, or with a pen/marker/brush/tool in hand. I long for control over whenhow, and with what I work – not just where. I admire creative people who find success by being true to themselves. The more I talk to friends about this, the more I hear that they, too, are looking for their office-less side hustle and more freedom than 9am-6pm, Monday-Friday allows. I want to document the people in my network who have made that work, and more specifically, how they did it.

Why the hating on office life?

Correction: not hating on office life at all! I’ve worked in wonderful offices and I have many creative people in my network who feel they thrive there. I’m so glad they’re happy! I, however, do not thrive there. And many people I’ve talked to feel the same. Many of us try to convince ourselves to fit the professional office environment, and eventually admit to ourselves that it doesn’t work. It’s about being authentic and honest with yourself. For me, that’s admitting that I’m at my best outside an office. For anyone who feels that offices are their happy place, keep at it!


…but HOW did they do it?!

How is this different than other sites about creative people?

Aside from being very new and very small-scale, I found myself reading all the profiles of these fantastically artistic people on other such sites and still wondering, “but HOW did they do it?!”

It’s always inspiring to see someone going her own way with a side hustle, or full-time creative venture, and succeeding. I want to find the insight into how and why they succeeded, and steps to take for people who want the same.  I want to share the tips and details that got someone from A to B – from office job to side hustle, to full hustle – not just a general backstory and their apparent ‘sudden’ success today.

What’s your current situation – office life or not?

Currently, it’s office life! I have a too-good-to-quit job with colleagues I love. This series of interviews is one way I’m learning in preparation for someday going it alone. I’m hoping others can learn from it, too.

I’m a designer and researcher, and am enjoying using what I normally do at work – interviewing – for this new endeavor.